Stay Hydrated, the Delicious Way

Lemon Splash!

It’s hot outside. I mean, really REALLY hot outside. I hear it’s even hotter up north than it is here in subtropical Florida! That can only mean one thing – those of us not so used to extreme heat may tend to get dehydrated easier than those of us who are accustomed to heat all year long. I will admit, I get SO sick of drinking just water. This is where creativity in beverage choice kicks in! Make water interesting by filling a gallon pitcher with water and slices of your favorite citrus fruits – lime, lemon, orange and/or grapefruit. Really, any fruit can liven up the flavor of your water. After you fill up your pitcher with ice water and fruit, let it sit for a couple of hours to let the flavors infuse. Other fruit ideas include raspberry lemon, cucumber and melon, strawberry kiwi and lemon/lime and fresh crushed mint leaves. Can you say refreshing?!

Another one of my favorite refreshing summertime beverages include iced teas with unique flavors. I recently tapped into my creative vein when I was at my local Spice and Tea Exchange. I was sick of water, water, water so I was like, hmm. Tea, tea ,tea! I mixed S&T’s loose peppermint leaves with Berry Bouquet herbal tea in my iced tea-maker. I had a half gallon of delicoius, hydrating goodness in a matter of mintues! Can we say sweet, fruity and refreshing with like, no calories!? It doesn’t even come close to needing a sweetener. The floral, fruity, minty-ness provides enough tantalization for your tastebuds you won’t even think twice about sugar. To make this tea, I suggest equal parts of peppermint and Berry Bouquet herbal tea, to taste.

Stay cool, veggie friends!



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