Grilled Fruit Kabobs and Lavender Vanilla Ice Cream

It's summer time and that means parties and barbecues and...fruit on the grill? Absolutely. I have heard of grilling bananas before (which is amazing), so I thought maybe trying a few other fruits on kabob stick would be interesting. And especially interesting paired with a little lavender vanilla ice cream. Ok, let's back up here. … Continue reading Grilled Fruit Kabobs and Lavender Vanilla Ice Cream


Indian Style Curry Grilled Pizza

Grilling pizza is faster, easier and tastes way better than using a conventional oven when making pies at home. I love Indian food and hubby's a Jersey boy who loves pizza. Today's goal was to unite the two ideas and birth a unique and delicious spin on not only robust Indian flavors but also give … Continue reading Indian Style Curry Grilled Pizza