Sea Salt, Honey and Olive Oil Body Scrub

honey oil salt lavender

Make your own sea salt body scrub at home!

I am totally into using food as my cosmetics lately. Actually, I think I want to keep using food as my cosmetics for a long, long time because I’m getting better results with these instead of chemical-laden garbage bought at the drugstore.

I am a runner, so my feet tend to look banged-up most of the time. Dry heels and toes can go take a hike; we’ve got sea salt to the rescue. This scrub is fabulous on hands, feet, legs, arms, and (gently) on the face. Add whatever oil you like to the salt and honey. Tonight I did a mix of extra-virgin olive oil and 100% pure organic apricot oil. Add a pinch or two of lavender for a yummy, fresh smell.

Leaves skin silky smooth and moisturized. Finish with your favorite organic and natural body butter to emphasize the benefits of a good exfoliation.

2 tbsp sea salt
2 tbsp cold-pressed or extra-virgin olive oil (or oil of your choice like apricot, grapeseed, or avocado. Avoid vegetable and canola oils)
1 tsp honey
A few pinches of dried lavender for scent (optional)


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