Vegan Pad Thai – Hungry Girl’s Recipe


Hi Veggies!  I wanted to share my review of Hungry Girl’s Pad Thai recipe. Theirs is made with chicken and egg substitute but I decided to make this fully vegan by using tofu in place of the meat and eliminating the egg. I even roasted my own raw peanuts in the toaster oven! Careful if you do this though because you’ll literally turn your back for two seconds and they’ll be black instead of golden.

One very unique thing about this recipe is that it doesn’t use “real”noodles. It calls for House Foods’ Tofu Shirataki Noodles. They are a little weird at first, but properly preparing them will have you hooked in no time. The key is to drain and strain out as much moisture as possible! The texture, well,  yeah, it’s different but it’s worth getting used to for literally a fraction of the calories. Usually a cup of rice noodles is 250+/- calories. One serving of these “foodles” (hehe, fake + noodles = foodles) is a minuscule 20 calories. And this makes it perfectly alright to eat the whole package! 

Follow this link to the Hungry Girl recipe now to start cooking your own low cal Pad Thai



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