Barbecue Seitan Wraps

Seitan...what is that stuff? Wait, this looks like meat in the picture? Huh? Are you confused? I was AMAZED at how yummy this is! The texture is kinda different; it's much like uncooked tofu, but the flavor was great. My husband ranked it pretty high on the scale! Making seitan is pretty...interesting, to say the … Continue reading Barbecue Seitan Wraps


Vegetarian Times’ Edamame Pâté Sandwiches

Vegetarian Times magazine is one of my favorite magazines. I especially love them for all the recipes! I am a total recipe head and sort-of I am all about trying a new recipe. If I had the time and the wallet for it, I'd try a new one with exotic and delicious ingredients every … Continue reading Vegetarian Times’ Edamame Pâté Sandwiches