Make Your Own Almond Butter

Making your own nut butters is much easier than you think. Having a good blender though will be key. Mine is by KitchenAid with a pretty powerful motor, but blenders like Vitamix would definitely do even better. Starting the blender on the lowest speed helps keep it from clumping together and creating air bubbles that … Continue reading Make Your Own Almond Butter


Make Water Interesting! – National Water Day

I'll admit I find drinking plain old water boring sometimes. Unless I'm super parched, but even then it's fun to spice things up. Staying hydrated is important for healthy skin, digestion and healthy energy levels. Being dehydrated can cause headaches and fatigue. Drink up! Instead of drinking just water, brew iced tea. If you have … Continue reading Make Water Interesting! – National Water Day

Turmeric, Honey and Olive Oil Rejuvenating Face Mask

"Let food be thy medicine!" Or in this case your cosmetics. This facial mask will rejuvenate and brighten your skin in one application. I can only imagine how nice my skin is going to look and feel once I start enjoying these facials regularly. Turmeric is known for it's anti-inflammatory properties, and honey is known … Continue reading Turmeric, Honey and Olive Oil Rejuvenating Face Mask

Nautical Holiday Ornament Craft Idea!

Yes, this is TOTALLY not food related, but I felt the overwhelming urge to blog about this totally cute holiday ornament idea. Finding the things I needed at the craft store on sale made this quick little project even more enjoyable. Make adorable ornaments using clear, glass or plastic balls. Fill with sand, beach glass, … Continue reading Nautical Holiday Ornament Craft Idea!