Green Sunday -Tip #1


12.15bakingsodaSo, the other day I was taking a shower and made a rather disturbing discovery: my shower was disgusting. The tile is white, first of all, which skeeves me out, but I noticed that it was long overdue for a good scrubbin’. There was mold, yes…and more than I want to admit.

We’re not really big fans of using the chemical stuff, especially if we don’t have to and we have a much greener alternative.

To reveal the tile underneath the mold in your bath, shower or toilet, all you need is a simple mixture of:
Baking Soda
Hydrogen Peroxide

That’s it! Mix it the hydrogen peroxide in parts that will yield a paste and grab a tile brush. The paste should not be a super thick paste, but rather the consistency of toothpaste. Something you can dip the tile brush into and have it stick to the brush easily and not flake off. If it starts to dry out, simply add a splash more of the peroxide. I discovered that it’s also a good idea to keep a spray bottle of white vinegar and water solution to spray on if it’s getting to dry once you have it on the surface you’re cleaning. Not too much though, as the vinegar causes a reaction with the baking soda and dilutes it so much it’s not as thick.

How to Clean:
Simply dip the tile brush into the paste, apply to the surface you want to clean and scrub away. Pay special attention to extra-gross areas like grout lines and scrub harder. When you’re done cleaning, rinse well with water.

This method uses ingredients you most likely already have in the house and don’t have to feel quite so bad about pouring down your drain….and standing in every day. The chemicals we were using before smelled so bad I could hardly stand the odor. Granted, it was my husband who was doing the cleaning…it was still smelly. :)

Have a happy, GREEN SUNDAY!

PS: using baking soda and a moist cloth is also great for shining up your stainless steel sink in the kitchen! Make it shine like a diamond, baby!



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