Goodbye 15


Goodbye 15 pounds, that is. I am more than halfway to my goal of 25 pounds lost. Part of the reason I started this blog and Twitter account was to rekindle my own passion for a healthy lifestyle but to hopefully spark it (or fan the flames into an inferno) for my readers and followers as well. I feel bad for being MIA, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been totally slacking. No one is perfect though.

How did I do this? I have to keep reminding myself of the same things daily to keep myself from regressing. I don’t mean returning to a meat and dairy filled diet. I was actually telling my husband this weekend that I really am turned off by meat’s texture, other than some seafood, which I will admit to consuming sometimes. No worries though, no steak or chicken wings shall pass my lips.

But for my weight loss…actually let’s begin with why I gained. One word: office. An office job that requires being seated and sedentary for 8+ hours per day. My last job was also an office job but the environment was a lot more work/life balance friendly, so I had tons more time for exercise. I now realize I still have the same amount of time – it just has to come way earlier in the day. I forced myself to become a morning workout person. Toughest thing I had to do. I hear it is supposed to be better anyway because it boosts your metabolism for the day. I can see that – I am way more alert and feel energized after working out in the mornings. I work out 3 to 5 days a week, 30 minutes moderate to vigorous cardiovascular and 20 minutes moderate strength training. I alternate days for core and upper body. Ladies, don’t be scared of a weight heavier than 5 pounds. You have far too little testosterone in your veins to bulk up like The Hulk. I lift 10 – 12.5 pounds on triceps, biceps, shoulders, and chest. Sometimes I can get 15 in each hand for a lay-down chest press. You are lifting too much if you can’t keep proper form. Decrease the weight and focus.

Second thing I had to change was eating less. How do I know how much I am eating? I weigh and measure everything and I log my calories on SparkPeople. I have been logging since 2008. They even have a recipe calculator. I’ve heard that keeping a food diary makes you aware of exactly how much you are eating and therefore decreasing your likelihood of over-eating and adding on the pounds.

Third thing: significantly less dairy. I found out through trial and error that I am most likely lactose intolerant. My husband kept telling me he thought I was, but I continued to deny it until I got so fed up with constant bloating and belly discomfort. From my research and readings, from books like The China Study, dairy and meat probably suck, for lack of a better word, for overall health. I also attribute some of my weight loss to cutting most dairy from my diet. The fat, cholesterol and stomach discomfort aren’t worth it.

Fourth thing: get on the scale. I know, its like going to the dentist. No one likes it, everyone dreads it but nobody wants rotten teeth. I have to stay accountable and monitor myself. I try not to panic if I see a few ounces more than I did previously. I have to ask myself if I just ate or just drank a ton of water or if yesterday was Chinese food day and the salt is messing me up. I hear the best time to weigh is in the morning when you first get up.

Overall it really just boils down to commitment and realizing that I deserve to be healthy and slim.



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