Thai Food in Tampa – Sawatdee Thai Restaurant Review

Sawatdee Thai Cuisine Logo

Thai food is, and always will be my favorite food. It is one of my favorites to prepare at home, as well as eat from restaurants. I wanted to give a big thumbs up to Sawatdee Thai Cuisine in Tampa FL for their fast service, good food and above all else, their sensitivity to vegetarian diets! The staff pays attention to how you place your order, and they remember what you like, especially if you come regularly. This conveniently eliminates having to explain yourself (for the 5th time) that egg is not OK and please, no fish sauce.

stock photo - Thai foodThe first time I came there for lunch, I didn’t realize the lunch specials came with a small soup and fried wonton. I ordered my entree as normal: “Pad Thai, no egg, steamed tofu.” The soup and its side come out first. I’m chowing down and my friend who had joined me that day points out that my soup looks different and that I’d recieved a friend chunk of tofu instead of a chicken & vegetable soup and pork wonton. I didn’t even have to ask!

Their lunch portions are also portioned well – the perfect size for a mid-day meal which eliminates that extra temptation to over eat (because it tastes so good!) like I sometimes do (on accident, oops) when a dinner portion is ordered. The prices are incredibly reasonable – I rarely spend over $10 at lunch! The staff is friendly, the food is good and it’s close to my work. I heart Thai food!



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