Cilantro Lime Rice

This is so easy it really shouldn't even be a recipe, but it tastes really good and goes great with recipes like my Cheesy Vegan Stuffed Avocados, Cheesy Vegan Black Bean and Corn Stuffed Peppers, and 20 Minute Tacos. If you love cilantro, you'll love this. 1 cup brown rice 2 cups water 2-3 tbsp lime … Continue reading Cilantro Lime Rice


Cheesy Vegan Stuffed Avocados

Avocados are a great source of good fats and fiber, and they taste great. I saw a recipe for stuffed avocados and I immediately had to figure out how to make it dairy-free. The original recipe called for conventional cream cheese and shredded cheese, but thankfully there are products like Tofutti's Better Than Cream Cheese … Continue reading Cheesy Vegan Stuffed Avocados